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ISBN : 9789388563185
Publisher : Rachna Sagar
Author : rachna sagar
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Nurturing each child's initiative and enthusiasm is the prime purpose of teaching process. To inculcate a creative mind with an initiative, we teachers have to treat children as participants in learning and not just passive receivers of a predetermined dose of knowledge. We have covered all the guidelines given in the teachers' Manual in our book. Our book is in complete sync with the evolving CBSE and syllabus framed by NCERT. The National Curriculum Framework 2005, states that Science is a dynamic ever expanding body of knowledge and it plays a liberating role in a progressive society. It suggests that at the upper primary stage, school children should be engaged in learning the principles of science through familiar experiences. Ncf-2005 envisaged an evaluation system which would grade the students on their regular activities in classrooms and enable the students to understand and focus on their learning gaps. To implement the sprit of ncf-2005, the CBSE has introduced the grading system at upper primary level for VI - VIII. Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd., known for its support to its valued students and teachers for achieving the desired goal, has come out with the comprehensive practice material. With the above considerations zoom! In science has been visualized.

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