• Updated Social Science History

Updated Social Science History

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The Social Science series for Classes 6 to 8 conforms to the latest NCERT syllabus and the new CBSE examination guidelines. • In-text questions are an effective assessment tool. • Case Studies help learners to understand the topics better. • To Sum Up recapitulates the lesson. • Time to Learn has objective-type and long-answer-type questions. • HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions develop reasoning ability. • Time to Do has map work, activities and projects to make learning experiential. • To Meet is a section on famous historical personalities. • Surfing Activity includes website references on different historical topics. • Life Skills help in the all-round development of learners. • Elsewhere in the World lists the happenings in other parts of the world. • Enrichment Activities take learners beyond the text. • Special pages add an extra dimension to the learning of the subject. • Two test papers – Half-yearly and Annual – are given according to the • new CBSE examination guidelines.

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