• Three Pockets Full

Three Pockets Full

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ISBN : 9781735345154
Publisher : Cardinal Rule Press
Author : cindy l. rodriguez
Binding : Hardback
Weight : 0.79 (in KGs)
Category : US Books
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tries his best to rid himself of the traditional Mexican wedding shirt his Mami gave him. He even gets help from his dog Lupe, but the shirt ends up back on his bed each time with notes from Mami, who becomes increasingly frustrated with Beto. Mami insists that Beto attend the wedding, and wear the shirt, because--after all--it's her wedding! Beto has to accept the fact that Mami is getting remarried ♥ and that she wants him to wear the shirt, which is part of his heritage. This book comes with a free Reader’s Guide for children. The guide is available for free download from the publisher website. Lesson plans, activities and discussion questions to allow parents, teachers and caregivers to explore the topic further and deepen comprehension

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