• The Best Friend

The Best Friend

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ISBN : 9780751583960
Publisher : Sphere
Author : jessica fellowes
Binding : Paperback
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'An absolute jewel of a book which puts seven decades of complicated female friendship under the microscope - and reveals dark truths. It's a masterclass in things unsaid, in both form and content' ERIN KELLY An unsettling, gripping and original novel by Jessica Fellowes, author of the international smash hit, award-winning Mitford Murders series. Kate and Bella, Bella and Kate. From childhood they were inseparable yet polar opposites: Bella sensible and cautious, Kate gregarious and just a little dangerous. Then men came into their lives and things changed: a black seed was set in in the heart of their relationship. Over decades, acts of both cruelty and love feed that seed until one shocking event leads to further tragedy. Neither will escape unscathed. In her first standalone novel, Jessica Fellowes explores the darkest corners of female friendship, a place where loyalty and betrayal become one.

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