• Entrepreneurs Who Built India - Lala Shriram

Entrepreneurs Who Built India - Lala Shriram

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ISBN : 9789356991385
Publisher : Harper Collins
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Lala Shri Ram was among the earliest industrialists who could foresee the usefulness of an organised approach by the country's business community. Joining DCM at the age of twenty five in 1909, Shri Ram went on to not only create a textile giant but a conglomerate that gave wings to an aspiring nation-venturing into sewing machines, sugar, hydrogenated oil, chemicals and becoming a market leader in a short span. Shri Ram established new benchmarks in labour welfare, education and business innovation that was hitherto unheard in the Indian business space. This book celebrates the man, his vision and the entrepreneur's zeal that made it all possible. Startups today will find it inspiring and a useful guide as they go about building the businesses of their dreams.

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