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ISBN : 9781774582909
Publisher : Pan Macmillan
Author : joe mull
Binding : Paperback
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Is your company a departure organization or a destination workplace? Finding, keeping, and motivating employees is harder than ever. Amid record-setting turnover and staffing shortages across industries, competition for candidates is fierce. How do you find employees that stay, take on challenging work, and deliver outstanding products and services? How do you keep your best employees from leaving? Answer: Employalty. There is a massive recalibration taking place around how work fits into peoples’ lives. Winning the new war for talent requires a more humane employee experience, one that meets the needs and values of a changed workforce. Get this wrong, and the future of your organization is in jeopardy. Get this right, and you create an astounding competitive advantage around hiring and retention, while reaping all the benefits and business results that dedicated employees generate. Speaker, author, and commitment expert Joe Mull has spent 15 years teaching leaders how to be better bosses. Grounded in research and filled with captivating stories, Employalty provides a simple, evidence-based framework for creating the kind of employee experience that leads people to join a company, stay long term, and do great work. Employalty is a clear playbook for attracting and retaining talent and turning ordinary people into devoted employees. The era of trying to find the best person for the job is over. At an adapt-or-die moment for businesses of all sizes, employers must now create the best job for the person. Employalty shows you how.

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