• Childhood Days

Childhood Days

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ISBN : 9780140250794
Publisher : Penguin
Author : Satyajit Ray
Binding : Paperback
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Sub Category : Biographies, Diaries & True Accounts
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Frank and funny, these stories, written originally for the Bengali children's magazine Sandesh, are an essential listen for all Ray enthusiasts as well as those who want to know Ray, the writer and filmmaker, better. Childhood Days is a biography of Satyajit Ray, which he wrote on his own. Through this book, readers will come to know about the people who were around him during his childhood years, where he spent the early years of his life and who Satyajit Ray was, the man who we now know as an artist, music composer, director and writer. This book enables readers to take a look at a different side of Satyajit Ray, which is affectionate, tender and humorous, quite different from the person everyone knows, who is a serious man who keeps himself isolated from the world. The stories in Childhood Days start from the early days of Satyajit Ray's life and continue till when he started making movies. He tells readers about his initial attempts to understand photography and his experience when tasted ice cream for the first time. The book talks about his discomfort during school years because of the popularity of his father and grandfather. He writes eloquently about the members of his family and about the special talents that each one had. He also describes what he went through during the shooting of Pather Panchali, which was his debut film. The stories in this book are funny and true and were originally written for Sandesh - a Bengali magazine for children. Childhood Days was written by Satyajit Ray and was published in paperback format by Penguin India in its 7th edition in 2000. Key Features:

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